D.A. & C. Houston & Associates

160 – 166 & 172 Milton Road
North Somerset, BS23 2YG
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Smile & Face Dental Practice

75 Macrae Road
Eden Business Park, Ham Green
North Somerset, BS20 0DD
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Grendon Lodge Dental Practice

22 St. John’s Road
Clevedon, North Somerset
BS21 7TG
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The Houston Group @ Nailsea

12 Clevedon Road, Nailsea
North Somerset
BS48 1EH
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Healthy Eating Advice

As well as brushing, flossing and visiting us on a regular basis, you also need to watch your diet if you want to be sure of having healthy teeth.

Watch that sugar

Sugar can contribute to tooth decay because it reacts with the bacteria in plaque and this can produce enamel attacking acids. Try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat and if you do indulge in sweet treats, restrict them to mealtimes to limit the amount of time your mouth will be under attack.

Avoid acid erosion

Some food and drinks are naturally acidic and can contribute to erosion of your tooth enamel. These include oranges, red wine and cola, so consume these with care and don’t brush your teeth straight after indulging in them as the acid can wear away enamel. Instead, follow up with a cube of cheese or a carrot stick as these alkaline foods can help neutralise any acid.

Balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet packed full of vitamins and minerals to help prevent gum disease and keep teeth strong. Remember processed foods often contain lots of hidden sugar, so be sure to check the labels.

Sensible snacking

Try to limit snacking and stick to three meals a day. If you are eating little and often, you will create a damagingly acidic environment in your mouth.


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Years Of Experience

The philosophy of our group of practices is to allow our patients to meet their clinicians in a relaxed environment permitting us to explain the essence and principles behind the exciting and innovative venture that is the driving force behind all of the practices within our group.

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Patient Plan

This offers all the features of the Houston Dental Care Plan, but members are entitled to two dental appointments and up to four hygiene appointments per year. Please note, discounts only apply to treatments carried out at the practice.

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Our mission statement is to ensure high quality care, comparable with leading centres of excellence around world. Quite simply, we desire to create a Practice which will be benchmark by which all others are judged.

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