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Cosmetic Veneers

A veneer is a very thin porcelain facing used to cover the fronts of teeth to improve their long term appearance, similar to false nails. They were originally developed in the 1930s for Hollywood movie stars and applied temporarily with denture fixatives. Today, adhesives developed on the space programme are used to permanently secure the veneer in place.

Recent advances in porcelain technology make cosmetic veneers extremely durable and a long-term solution to many cosmetic imperfections. They are hand modelled and tailored for the individual to replicate the natural teeth in colour, shape and texture. Skill is required to produce a veneer which is strong, yet fine enough, to sit unobtrusively on the tooth below. We employ only the best technical skills and most advanced materials. Attention to detail is imperative so the final result looks completely natural.

veneers before and afterMethod

Minimal preparation involves cleaning and shaping the surface tooth enamel, and an impression is then taken of the mouth. This impression is used by the dental technician to create a plaster cast on which the veneer can be modelled. At the next appointment, about ten days later, the dentist will ‘try in’ the veneer to check the shape and fit. If the dentist and client are happy with the overall effect, the correct shade of cement will be selected and the veneer will be secured in place.


  • Client can select final colour
  • Minimal reduction of tooth enamel
  • Stain resistant


  • Some tooth enamel must be removed

Key Facts

  • Life expectancy: Up to 15 years with good hygiene
  • Example uses: To cover chipped or discoloured teeth or improve alignment or crooked teeth


  • Brush and floss daily as usual
  • Regular 6-monthly check-ups and hygiene visits


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Years Of Experience

The philosophy of our group of practices is to allow our patients to meet their clinicians in a relaxed environment permitting us to explain the essence and principles behind the exciting and innovative venture that is the driving force behind all of the practices within our group.

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Patient Plan

This offers all the features of the Houston Dental Care Plan, but members are entitled to two dental appointments and up to four hygiene appointments per year. Please note, discounts only apply to treatments carried out at the practice.

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Our mission statement is to ensure high quality care, comparable with leading centres of excellence around world. Quite simply, we desire to create a Practice which will be benchmark by which all others are judged.

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